Research groups (RG) within the QUEST Institute for Experi-mental Quantum Metrology


RG QUEST 1 Quantum Logic Spectroscopy, led by Prof. Dr. Piet Schmidt, develops and employs quantum logic schemes for precision spectroscopy of laser-cooled ions in Paul traps. The investigated species range from singly-charged metal ions over highly-charged ions to simple molecular ions. The spectroscopy is applied for fundamental tests of physics, such as a possible variation of fundamental constants, atomic and molecular physics investigations, and optical clocks for quantum metrology and chronometric leveling in geodesy.

RG QUEST 2 Quantum Clocks and Complex Systems, led by Prof. Dr. Tanja Mehlstäubler, focuses on the development of a new generation of optical clocks based on Coulomb crystals of trapped ions. Implementing precision spectroscopy in complex systems we search for new physics beyond the Standard Model and develop platforms where novel quantum clocks can be operated. In our second project, we investigate the dynamics of self-organized atomic systems and study symmetry breaking and field theories therein.

RG QUEST 3 Trapped-Ion Quantum Engineering, led by Prof. Dr. Christian Ospelkaus, develops novel techniques for control of trapped ions and for quantum logic spectroscopy. We are currently developing quantum logic cooling and state readout schemes amenable to single (anti-)protons, with the ultimate goal of a quantum logic enabled test of CPT invariance. In our second project, we are developing surface-electrode traps with integrated microwave control electrodes for applications in quantum information processing.