Quantum Logic in Microtraps

Within this project, we aim to study and emulate interacting spin models using trapped ions in an integrated surface-electrode trap architecture. Rather than using the more wide-spread laser-based techniques, we focus on a microwave near-field approach. More

Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of (Anti-)Protons

This project aims to develop novel laser-based quantum logic cooling and internal state readout techniques amenable to single (anti-)protons, with the ultimate application of a test of CPT invariance by comparing the g-factor of the proton and the antiproton. More

Surface-Electrode Trap Fabrication

State-of-the-art cleanroom facilities at PTB and LNQE enable for the use of a wide range of microfabrication techniques to produce single- and multilayer surface-electrode traps for scalable quantum information processing with trapped ions. More