Bloomberg Quickshot released a new video about time dilation and clocks on Youtube featuring interviews with Don Lincoln (Fermi Lab), David Hume (NIST) and Tanja Mehlstäubler (PTB/LUH). Very cool!   

You can find the video here.

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In ongoing collaboration with physicists from Novosibirsk, we demonstrated a scheme to reduce the instability of the blackbody-radiation (BBR) shift in optical clocks to below 10−19. To achieve this, one has to combine at least two clock transitions with different BBR shift sensitivities to form a...

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For their outstanding dissertations in quantum optics, Giorgio Zarantonello and Peter Micke receive the Wilhelm & Else Heraeus Young Physicists Award. For this prestigeous award and the amazing achievement we congratulate them.

For more informations visit the official LUH-announcement.

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We report on the PTB chip ion traps which we developed for the multi-ion clock and the Coulomb crystals.

You can find the full paper here.

The Scilight article about the paper is available here

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Elizaveta Surzhikova receives her Bachelor degree. We congratulate her on this achievement!

The title of her thesis is

Autonome Steuerung einer optischen Atomuhr mit Zustandserkennung und -korrektur.

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