It comes to the last day of Dr. Johannes Kramer in IQLOC in QUEST!

We are sad that he is leaving, but luckily he will not be that far away.

We give all our best wishes to him and his future life and career.


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The Iqloc II team has published their paper detailing their dynamical decoupling realization in Ca+ to enigineer an artifical clock transition with reduced systematic shifts on the arxive,  Congratulations!

Abstract: We present the experimental realization of a continuous dynamical decoupling...

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The Iqloc I team has published their article detailing the characterization of an ULE cavity with two different laser wavelength on a single cavity axis, Congratulations!

 Abstract: Optical resonators are used for the realisation of ultra-stable frequency lasers. The use of high reflectivity...

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The Iqloc II team has published their article detailing the setup of an injection locked diode laser to the arxiv, Congratulations!

Abstract: Lasers with high spectral purity are indispensable for optical clocks and coherent manipulation of atomic and molecular qubits for applications such as...

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Benjamin Kraus successfully defends his PhD thesis. We congratulate him on this achievement.

The topic of his thesis is:

A highly stable UV clock laser

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