Related Groups at PTB

One of the fundamental aims of QUEST is to create, strengthen and support the scientific infrastructure within new and existing groups of its partner institutions. Based on the synergetic effect the new research activities and innovative results are being achieved.  

Thus, in some research areas QUEST creates a network involving the PTB Departments "Quantum Optics und Unit of Length" as well as "Time and Frequency" of the Division Optics. Some long-term PTB staff members cooperate  with QUEST as Principal Investigators or Participating Researchers.

The activities of the QUEST - related groups at PTB are described more detailed in a PTB Mitteilungen - Magazine, Special Issue Vol.119 (2009), No.2.

Principal Investigators (PTB)

Prof. Dr. Fritz Riehle

Dr. Uwe Sterr

Participating Researchers (PTB)

Priv. Doz. Dr. Christian Lisdat

Priv. Doz. Dr. Ekkehard Peik

Dr. Harald Schnatz

Dr. Gesine Grosche

Prof. Dr. Andrey Surzhykov