Our paper "Bichromatic UV detection system for atomically-resolved imaging of ions" has been published in "Review of Scientific Instruments"

In this paper we describe our bichromatic UV detection system for atomically-resolved imaging of ions, which is part of our In+ multi-ion clock.

The system collects the fluorescence of 230.6nm and 369.5nm photons simultaneously on a shared lectron multiplying charge-coupled device (EMCCD) camera. It provides a numerical aperture of 0.45 and 0.40 at 230.6nm and 369.5 nm, respectively, and enables spatially resolved state detection with a large field of view of 300µm for long 115In+/172Yb+ Coulomb crystals.
In the first part the system is introduced and the design criterion and manufacturing tolerances are derived. After the description of the mechanical mounting the performance of the system is characterized.
The concept can be adapted to other dual-species ion combinations. 

You can find the full paper here.