QUEST@PTB - Opening Seminar

QUEST has been established at PTB in early 2009 and invites to a seminar to celebrate this event.

In early 2009, the branch of the Cluster of Excellence "Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research" was installed at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. To celebrate this event, we invite all QUEST members to an opening Seminar on September, 16th 2009, starting at 10:00 pm. We were able to attract a number of renowned speakers:

10:00 | Opening (E. O. Göbel and W. Ertmer)
10:20 | Wim Ubachs, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
11:05 | Arnaud Landragin, Observatoire de Paris
11:50 | Gerard Meijer, Fritz-Haber-Institut (MPG)

In the afternoon, a  poster session will  take place coming along with a BBQ.
Tours of the QUEST labs at PTB will also be offered. This   event  is   intended  as   an   introduction  to QUEST@PTB  and  to  stimulate  discussions  among QUEST partners at the student level during the poster session.

Posters and number of participants should be announced to
Stefan Pfalz by Friday, September 4th.