Till Rehmert receives his Master's degree. We congratulate him on this achievement.

The topic of his thesis is:

'VECSEL system for coherent manipulation of trapped magnesium ions'



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The Quantum logic spectroscopy group has succesfully applied for joint funding together with Roee Ozeri's trapped ions lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where we will use tailored quantum states to improve performance of optical clocks.


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We have trapped the first ca ions in our new macroscopic blade trap. The ions were loaded  by laser ablation from a calcium target and subsequent multiphoton ionization.

The picture shows our new trap outside the vacuum chambre. The inset shows  the first ion crystal loaded in the trap and imaged...

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Topological defects in low-dimensional nonlinear systems feature a sliding-to-pinning transition of relevance for a variety of scenarios, ranging from biophysics to nano- and solid-state physics. We find that the dynamics after a local excitation results in a highly nontrivial energy transport in...

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Malte Brinkmann receives his Master degree. We congratulate him on this achievement!

The title of his thesis is

Design und Fabrikation skalierbarer Ionenfallen für neuartige Anwendungen der Quantenmetrologie.

You can find his thesis here.

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