In our new article in Applied Physics B we present a multilayer surface electrode ion trap with embedded 3D microwave waveguide for the implementation of quantum logic entanglement gates.

We explain the simulation procedure that led to the trap design and characterization of the resulting microwave...

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On Wednesday, 16.07.2019, our guest Prof. Dr. Kjeld Eikema will give a talk on

Searching for new physics: towards extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy of a single Helium+ ion"

This talk is in the frame of SFB DQ-MAT and the QuantumFrontiers Research Unit B06 “Tests of fundamental Physics”.

The talk...

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Tobias Burgermeister receives Ph. D. We congratulate him on this achievement!

The title of his thesis is

Development and characterization of a linear ion trap for an improved optical clock performance.

You can find his thesis here.


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Henning Hahn succesfully defended his thesis "Two-qubit microwave quantum logic gate with 9Be+ ions in scalable surface-electrode ion traps". Congratulations!

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Lars Timm graduates as a Master of Science. We congratulate him on his degree!

The topic of his thesis is:

Interplay between phase transitions and excitation dynamics in Coulomb crystals


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