Quantum Valley Lower Saxony to start January 2021

Inner workings of our apparatus in which the ions are trapped. The insert shows a picture of two single ⁹Be+ ions, with which quantum operations are performed.

The Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS) is a joint intiative with founding members Leibniz University Hannover, Technical University Braunschweig, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Albert-Einstein Institute (Max-Planck Society), DLR (German Aerospace Center) and Sartorius AG.

QVLS is endorsed by the Volkswagen Foundation and the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.

A major QVLS project that is currently gaining momentum is to build a scalable trapped-ion quantum computer (Q1) for Lower Saxony and Germany. The machine will be based on our patented microtrap fabrication technology and integrated microwave near-field quantum gates. The consortium is proposing to develop integrated optics for laser cooling and detection, integrated detectors, electronics and the further scaling of microfabrication. It will also highlight a few near-term applications of this quantum computer.

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