PhD/PostDoc Projects

PhD position

New 01.09.2015: PhD position in transportable optical clocks within the SFB geo-Q. For more information download our flyer, visit the Ion Quantum Logic Optical Clock project pages, or proceed to the online application form.
The application deadline of 22.09.2015 will be extended until a candidate is found.

About us

Our research revolves around precision laser spectroscopy of trapped ions using techniques developed for quantum computing. Our current understanding of physics is based on the standard model of particle physics. Despite its great success, it fails to explain a number of observations, such as dark matter and dark energy, and the apparent matter-antimatter asymmetry. More stringent tests of the standard model are required to develop a theory beyond, possibly uniting gravity with the other fundamental forces. A very promising path towards this goal is high precision laboratory spectroscopy experiments to e.g. probe for possible variations of fundamental constants and violations of Einstein's theory of relativity.

At the same time we explore novel types of optical clocks with various applications in relativistic geodesy, space research and quantum optics. The common experimental toolbox we are using in all projects is quantum logic spectroscopy, in which a logic ion is trapped together with the spectroscopy ion in a linear Paul trap. It provides sympathetic laser cooling and allows the preparation and detection of the internal state of the spectroscopy ion using a series of coherent laser pulses. More details on the technique can be found in a Physik Journal article (in German or English), or the QUEST Special issue (in English).

We offer a lively team in a resourceful and active international scientific environment at PTB and Leibniz Universität Hannover. The region of Braunschweig/Hannover is a beautiful place to live with very friendly and open-minded people and many spare-time opportunities.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Piet O. Schmidt.