Open positions

PhD position on advanced surface-electrode ion traps with integrated microwave manipulation

We are seeking a PhD student for a project on microwave quantum logic in surface-electrode ion traps. The thesis project can focus on the design and / or fabrication and operation of surface-electrode ion traps. The design of our traps is based on highly accurate microwave near-field finite element simulations. We  produce  microfabricated  ion  traps  at  the  PTB  clean  room  center  and  at  LNQE,  Leibniz  University Hannover, both state of the art research clean room facilities. We operate these traps with  9Be+  ions at an intermediate  bias  field  which  is  known  to  create  qubit  states  with  long  coherence  times.  Our  group operates a room temperature ion trap setup and a cryogenic apparatus which is currently being finalized.

The  ideal  candidate  is  highly  motivated  for  an  interdisciplinary  project  between  high  frequency technology,  quantum  optics,  quantum  information  science  and  microfabrication  and  will  have  some background in laser spectroscopy, laser cooling, atom trapping or numerical simulations. The position will be  based  at  the  QUEST  Institute  for  Experimental  Quantum  Metrology  at  PTB,  Braunschweig,  in  close collaboration with the Institute of Quantum Optics, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany.

Please contact Christian Ospelkaus for details.